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About Our Organization Welcome to Safe World   We are a Non Profit Social enterprise whose goal is to improve the reproductive health of girls and women across the East African Region by increasing accessibility, availability, affordability and acceptability of sanitary napkins and other hygienic protection materials for menstrual hygiene.We also offer comprehensive training programs on reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, family planning, HIV/AIDs.

Safe World is dedicated to improve lives in lasting ways in generating and sharing of knowledge to the marginalized and neglected women groups in a move to achieve gender equality and empowerment of women. We have continued to highlight on abuse of women rights, educate and sensitize the public, and campaign to improve policy and attitude. Through our trainings we have an overall agenda of confronting issues engulfing women with a motive to address the following:

1. Poverty
2. FGM(Female genital mutilation):-a core cultural practice considered a pre-curser for marriage.
3. Domestic Violence
4. Conflict
5. Rape
6. Child Marriage
7. Child Labour
8. Access to Education
9. Social and Cultural exclusion
10. Isolation
11. Stigmatisation

We believe that our initiatives that openly discuss MHM issues validate the needs of girls and women as being equally important as those of boys and men.
Mission And Vision We realize the fact that for us to prosper in this relatively untapped market, there is need to be flexible and responsive, to delight our customers by providing them with what they want, when they want it and in the exact quantity.
Our primary goal will be to establish and strengthen our existence in the market, which will be bestowed by the business environment in which we function